Dominance War V entry

This is my entry for the DW V contest, huge gundamn and transformers inspiration :p

Monkey Joe goes 3d!

Here are some early test for my new personal project:

Monkey Joe sketches

Some sketches from a new personal project for a friend’s website:

Participation au concours d’animation TFou!

Voila ma participation pour le concours d’animation tfou sur le thème de la diversité, “tous ensemble, tous différents!”


New Demoreel 2010

I updated the video and portfolio sections with my new demoreel!

Macross Tribute

I’m working besides my current work on a macross tribute.
I’m a fanboy since I discovered the anime when I was a kid!
Here are some sketches, 3d will follow soon…

Ubisoft :)

Now working as a character rigger/skinner at Ubisoft Paris

working on Ghost Recon: Futur Soldier

logo ubisoft

Dominance War 4 entry

This was my DW4 entry, great contests with tons of really skilled people!

Aosphere screens:

Here are some screenshots for the aosphere series.
They are realtime renders from our intern game engine

Keva, Aosphere Model

This is Keva for the Aosphere series: